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How To Carve a Turkey

Get the most meat and the prettiest presentation from your turkey. In this video, you’ll see how to carve a Thanksgiving turkey and get tips for arranging the meat for the most attractive presentation. You’ll see how to locate and cut through the joints (not the bones), and you’ll discover a great technique for removing the breast meat before making beautiful slices. Carving a turkey is easy when you follow these simple steps. Find top-rated recipes for roast turkey.

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  • peggy

I find putting a little bread crumbs on the top of the turkey keeps the turkey moist and juicy.with the season.

  • Kimg72

I have been roasting the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner for 20 years, and I find that constant basting with a seasoned butter keeps the turkey moist, and keeps your guests wanting more.

  • The Gnome

Buter under the skin on the breast and bacon on top plus basting and apples or onions inside the cavity gives you a very moist Turkey indeed!