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Prize Winning Baby Back Ribs

This video shows you how to make foolproof baby back ribs on the grill. These slightly spicy, prize-winning ribs are rubbed with a dry spice rub, grilled over low, indirect heat, and glazed with sauce in the final minutes. In the video, you’ll also get tips for prepping your ribs. Watch the video, then get BONNIE’s 5-star recipe for Prize Winning Baby Back Ribs. Grilled using this low-and-slow method, they're always fall-off-the-bone tender.

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  • bbqstud

Now I COULD be mistaken but I don't think so. Those don't look like true "Baby Backs" which weigh in at about 1 3/4 lb. per rack. Those look more like what the markets are trying to call 'loin back' or 'back' ribs to fool the public. There is no such thing as a 3 lb. rack of real "Baby's" so beware. Having said that the recipe for the rub looks great as does the cooking technique although since there is no hard wood in the grill there will be no smoke ring or smoke flavor. You could add some hickory or other hardwood chunks to the burners for a Smokey flavor. I have cooked and won at the Kansas City, Memphis in May and twice as a California champ in ribs...not bragging just offering my credentials. Again this is a great recipe/technique and will, no doubt, give you good results.

  • mgrynder

Thanks for the recipe, Bonnie Q. Also thanks bbqstud for the information about "Baby Backs". Much appreciated!

  • Becky Merwald

Can I use an electric smoker? If so, how long.