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Real Hungarian Goulash

This video shows you how to make authentic Hungarian goulash with beef, onions, and Hungarian paprika. Two things you won't find in this traditional recipe? Tomato paste and beans. This one’s the real deal. Watch the video, then get mentallo’s 5-star recipe for Real Hungarian Goulash. Enjoy this saucy beef over noodles, spaetzle, or with a loaf of rustic bread.

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  • hbell

Hungarian goulash is a soup, made with lamb.

  • Nan

This is like the Goulash I was taught to make in a restaurant in Flagstaff from a Hungarian Chef. The ones with tomato paste never tasted like his.

  • baerbl101

I am from Austria, born in Hungary. Why does everybody forget the recipe also calls for majoram, bayleaves and garlic. hbell is wrong it is not a soup made with lamb. My mother also put the gravy through a mill o it was creamier.