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Real Hungarian Goulash

This video shows you how to make authentic Hungarian goulash with beef, onions, and Hungarian paprika. Two things you won't find in this traditional recipe? Tomato paste and beans. This one’s the real deal. Watch the video, then get mentallo’s 5-star recipe for Real Hungarian Goulash. Enjoy this saucy beef over noodles, spaetzle, or with a loaf of rustic bread.

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  • Joseph J Shutsa III

I have never used tomato paste. Use the pigs trotter to get the nice gelatenous texture and chunks from the ham. FYI, ham is the hind leg section of the pig

  • Jayce

this recipe is very basic and im sure it tastes well, however this is not how most hungarians would exactly make this dish. this dish is not called goulash (Gulyas)in Hungary. This dish is typically referred to as "Marha Porkolt"(beef stew). it generally has less course onion, bell pepper, whole tomato and some like cumin or marjoram.never add water or stock unless the dish is in jeopardy of burning or drying out. cook slow and steady real Hungarian way thats where your flavour developesfrom "time" I cooked in Hungary for 10 years and know authentic!

  • baerbl101

I am from Austria, born in Hungary. Why does everybody forget the recipe also calls for majoram, bayleaves and garlic. hbell is wrong it is not a soup made with lamb. My mother also put the gravy through a mill o it was creamier.