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Hot Pizza Dip

This video shows you how to make an easy pizza dip that combines pepperoni and black olives with pizza sauce and three kinds of cheeses. Pop it in the microwave, and you’re dipping away in no time. Make this for a football watching party, and you’ll be an instant hero! Enjoy it with sliced baguette or garlic bread. Watch the video, then get Dayna’s 5-star recipe for Hot Pizza Dip. Go ahead, add all your favorite toppings.

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  • Marian

I cant find where I save the recipe.

  • Louisa76

I usually click Print then make it bigger click on Lg then highlight the whole recipe, click copy. Bring up email ans send it to myself by Pasting it in the message area. Might sound long but it really is a fast way . I then print out the recipe.

  • nohman

Click on the recipe and you will see the "recipe box" to add it to. (You must log in.)