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How to Make a Roast

Making a roast is so easy. The secret to roasting perfection, of course, is slow cooking. In this video, you’ll learn how to cook a roast in three simple steps. A slow-cooked roast is typically made with a lean cut of beef, like chuck, brisket, or bottom round. You’ll learn how to sear the roast properly and how to prepare your roast to get a delicious crust. You’ll see which vegetables are the perfect accompaniment for a roast. You’ll see how to tell when the roast is cooked to perfection. Find top-rated recipes for roasts.

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  • Rebecca

I use coffee for the liquid in my roast. It really tenderizes the meat.

  • SunnyDaysNora

Wow! Thanks so much for this! I'm not much of a meat eater, but my husband and daughter are...I tend to be a little intimidated when faced with dishes like this. Thanks for upping my confidence!

  • Durenda

will have to try