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Shortcut Chicken Fajitas

In a pinch for time? These tips and tricks will make fajita night the fastest meal of the week. In this video, you’ll see a couple time-saving tips and techniques for getting chicken fajitas on the table in a flash.

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  • WORKMAN529

not much of a shortcut to my mind.

  • Sheldon

Booo! I already use that mix and wanted something different, and how stupid to spend extra money to buy pre-cut chicken!

  • Pam

This recipe is a step up for anyone who typically eats out of a box, but a step down for anyone with basic cooking skills. As is those are going to be some very audente veggies. They're usually the first to get included, or remove the chicken while they soften and then add it back in. Am I the only one who noticed her skillet wasn't clean?