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Creamy Chicken on Linguine

This video shows you how to make creamy boneless chicken strips served over hot linguine. Tender strips of chicken are browned in olive oil, butter, and garlic and topped with a creamy sauce with onions, scallions, and plenty of freshly grated Parmesan cheese. It makes terrific leftovers, too. Watch the video, then get B. Filoso’s 5-star recipe for Creamy Chicken on Linguine. Enjoy it with a simple green salad and garlic toast or bruschetta!

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  • Cherry Moran

The concept of this dish is nice. However, the execution is lacking. Why would you cook your pasta first and then leave it covered with foil until your sauce is done? Your pasta will be over cooked by the time you're ready for it. Wait until the sauce is reducing for 10 minutes and cook your pasta while you wait. Also, deglaze your pan with white wine instead of water for an added layer of flavor.

  • Joanne

Why slice the chicken?

  • bob

I agree with deglazing with white wine, not water. I would sauté some sliced mushrooms and add them to the sauce.