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Shortcut Squash Soup

It's comfort food on the quick! In this video, you’ll discover shortcuts and time-saving tricks for making seasonal roasted butternut squash soup. The recipe combines roasted squash with apples, sautéed aromatic veggies, curry powder, and apple cider—all topped with sour cream and bacon crumbles. It only seems like you were working away in the kitchen for hours. See more squash videos >>

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  • trebleclef

Have I missed something? I can't find this recipe printed anywhere. Would love to make this but the video doesn't give amounts for all of the vegetables and goes too fast.

  • sharry021

You can find the recipe by doing a search for Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Apples and Bacon. A link would have been helpful :-)

  • NicoleLauren

Don't pay to have your squash cut up for you! If you want to save chopping time cut your squash in half and put it in the oven. I'd give it 45min at 400F.