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How to Melt Chocolate

Just a drizzle of melted chocolate vaults dessert into a higher level of deliciousness. In this video, you’ll learn ways to melt chocolate evenly and smoothly. You’ll see how to choose chocolate—dark chocolate, white chocolate, or milk chocolate—and how best to prepare the chocolate for smooth, even melting. You’ll see a great method for melting chocolate in the microwave. You’ll also learn a quick stovetop method that includes double boiling. Once you have a beautiful bowl of shiny melted chocolate, dip strawberries, drizzle cheesecakes, or decorate cookies and cakes in a delicious chocolate coating.

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  • lana312

I have melted chocolate with coffee on the stove and it turned just fine like in the video.

  • Jennifer Mills Smith

Heat to 110' then cool to 90' then dip stuff, cool and eat. I'm pretty sure you can then qrap well for a couple of weeks or freeze depending on the item. Obviously do not freeze fresh fruit. but you could freeze dipped cookies

  • Kathy

My chocolate dipped marshmallows get white spots after a few days. Is this because I haven't tempered the chocolate? I used semi-sweet chocolate chips for melting. Thanks for all your great information!