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How to Make a Martini

In this video, you’ll learn how to mix the kind of martini that would have Sinatra singing your praise. You’ll also discover all the lore behind the undisputed King of Cocktails. Whether you shake ‘em or stir ‘em, learn how to do it right in this episode of "Home Happy Hour." Ring-a-ding-ding! Find your favorite martini recipes.

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  • Memphis Dad

Thank goodness this video discussed real martinis, and not cocktails made with vodka that some people mistakenly call "martinis." If you can find caper berries please try them instead of an olive for the garnish. They are crunchy and briny and the stem makes them easy to pluck out of the glass when you are ready to consume.

  • Angela Sackett | Superhotmama

i am SO not a drink connoisseur, but now i'm tempted. the history of the martini is fun!

  • Jamie Justice Yost

I like to swirl the vermouth around in the glass to get a coating on the inside, then toss it out. Very dry that way and therefore, very tasty!