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How to Make French Baguettes

In this video, Chef John will show you how to make homemade French baguettes. It's not only possible to make delicious bakery-quality baguettes from scratch, it's also fairly easy. The key to working with the sticky baguette dough is well-floured hands. The other trick is to introduce a little humidity into the high-heat oven as the baguettes bake. The bread emerges from the oven so gorgeous with a tender, light, and chewy inside and delightfully crunchy, thin crust. Très magnifique! Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John’s French Baguettes. Enjoy them with a healthy, if that's the word, smear of real butter.

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  • Rosa Book

Nice and easy,thanks.

  • Rosa Book

Good tips, good video.

  • Haelee Yu

Is it okay to put salt directly into the yeast water??? I thought that kills the yeast?