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Roasted Wild Mushrooms & Potatoes

In this video, you’ll see how to make a simple roasted potato and wild mushrooms side dish. For the wild mushrooms, Chef John is using a tasty combination of chanterelle, oyster, trumpet, and clamshell mushrooms. He sautés them with chopped pancetta before giving them a quick roast with halved small potatoes. The mushrooms come out of the oven beautifully caramelized with a meaty texture and the potatoes are tender and golden brown. To dress things up, toss the potatoes and mushrooms with a simple dressing of sherry vinegar, a little olive oil, some chopped fresh tarragon, and finely minced garlic. Watch the video, then get Chef John's recipe for Roasted Wild Mushrooms & Potatoes. It’s the ideal side dish for the fall.

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  • Lori Ann Logue

I am looking forward to trying this recipe!

  • Chuck

Very good recipe, though cooking and politics is a lot like oil and vinegar.

  • Sandi

*shiver* Thank goodness for grocery stores! ;o) Can't wait to try this awesome sounding recipe. Holy canola oil, my mouth's watering somethin' fierce.