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How to Make Pound Cake

In this video, you’ll learn how to make a perfect pound cake with a quick and easy frosting. You’ll see how to cream room-temperature butter and sugar to the perfect consistency—and discover the secret to moist pound cake. You’ll see how to combine all the ingredients and fold the thick batter into the cake mold. Then learn how to make a quick icing to pour over your pound cake. Try it in the morning with a hot cup of coffee or as dessert after dinner.

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  • Jantutt

The recipe ingredients and amounts are at the bottom of the video, written in blue.

  • lmdixon

My boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow and he LOVES pound cake! So I'm going to try and make it for him! This is my first time baking a cake. Hope it turns out alright...Fingers Crossed! I'll post the results later!!!

  • Dillz

Hi sweets, How many cups or gms of butter is 3 sticks actually? I just want to be sure. Thank you