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Apple Crisp Cupcakes

It’s the apple crisp, reinvented as a cupcake! In this video, you’ll learn how to make apple crisp cupcakes with a delicious caramel filling. You’ll see why two types of flour are called for in this recipe and get tips for mixing together your wet and dry ingredients. You’ll also learn how to make a quick bourbon and caramel apple filling for the cupcakes. Then just scoop out the cupcake center to make room for this rich apple filling, and top if off with whipped cream and an apple crisp sprinkle. For tips and techniques on baking with apples, head over to our blog.

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  • beautykween

I can't wait to make these. I wish there was a recipe in plain text to add to my recipe box.

  • Tolegranny

I too would like a text recipe for my recipe box..they look amazing.Thank you

  • DeidraA

I too would love to have a written recipe for my recipe box....they look amazing!