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How to Clarify Butter

At high heat, butter begins to brown, smoke, and scorch. In this video, you’ll learn how to make clarified butter, a simple process that helps butter withstand higher heat without burning. You’ll see a simple process for separating out the milk solids, leaving you with only rich, golden clarified butter fat, also known as “drawn butter” or ghee. You’ll watch as the butter separates into three distinct layers, with a foamy top layer of milk solids, the golden butterfat in the middle, and a bottom layer of mostly water and more milk solids. You’ll see an easy method for skimming the milk solids away—and get tips for putting these solids to delicious use! Then you’ll see how to filter out any remaining milk solids. With the cloudless golden butterfat that remains, you can pan fry or stir-fry at temperatures that would be too high for regular stick butter. You’ll also get a tip for storing your clarified butter. It stays fresh for months in the refrigerator.

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  • goodies2die4

Your video depicted 1 1/4 STICKS butter, but the audio said 1 1/4 CUPS. This doesn't really matter, but I thought you were going for "how to end up with 1 cup of clarified butter"-THEN it would matter, but perhaps this would confuse a novice and lead them to think that the pictured 1 1/4 stick is the equivalent of 1 1/4 cups.

  • alex

yay! GHEE Is so good and less fat content

  • josie

Clarified butter is truly is better tasting & u dont get that fatty after tastewhen u clarifite, I use clarified butter when i make my Baklava. Thx Josie