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Chef John’s Special Roasted Potatoes

The secret to these crusty roasted yellow potatoes is to give them a quick pre-boil in seasoned water before popping them in the oven. The key to creating the beautiful golden-brown crispness is to make sure the potatoes are dried thoroughly before treating them to olive oil and a high-heat oven. In the video, Chef John explains why this method creates a crispier, crunchier, more flavorful roasted potato. These potatoes go with pretty much everything. Get the recipe for Chef John's Special Roasted Potatoes.

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  • kathimc

Chef John's boiled/roasted potatoes is a divine recipe. They came out just the way I wanted. Crispy on the outside, soft inside. PERFECT!!! I threw some garlic cloves in the boiling process and more fresh cloves on the roasting pan for fun. Thanks, chef John. Once again you receive a gold star on your collar.

  • Allie

Excellent as usual Chef John. The boil makes the difference. Thanks.

  • Cskrins

Made this tonight and WOW!!! We had a prime rib in the oven and the boiling/ roasting was perfect while the roast "rested". Will definitely do this again and again!Thank you Chef John!