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How to Make Country Gravy

In this video, you’ll see how Chef John makes stick-to-the-ribs country gravy. It’s a milk gravy starring breakfast sausage and bacon. You’ll also see how to make a simple roux. Could there be a more flavorful gravy? The answer is no. And it’s so incredibly simple to make, too. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John's Country Gravy. Serve it over biscuits, of course, or country fried steak, or fried chicken. And top it with chopped green onions and maybe a sprinkle of cayenne.

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  • Luv2try

I am from the country and that looks beautiful!!!

  • Je suis Japonais.

Looks yummy. Gotta watch my cholesterol level, however. Ugh...

  • Sherry

Oh, YUM!!! I've always loved this gravy (over biscuits), but I've never seen it with so much meat in it. I'm off to make my breakfast. And, I love to watch Chef John videos. He makes everything look so very easy.