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Southwestern Fish Enchilada Casserole

See how to make an award-winning Southwestern-style tilapia enchilada casserole. It's so easy to make! Simply sauté seasoned tilapia filets in Country Crock spread, and then combine the flaked fish with Southwestern-style corn and green chiles. Then layer the delicious tilapia mixture with flour tortillas, enchilada sauce, and cheese. Pop it in the oven until bubbly and delicious, for an amazing one-dish casserole.

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  • WDC9

I agree about no written recipe to follow the video. It sucks + takes too much back + forth, especially if U R disabled.

  • Suzanne

I agree with Krysti. I don't like cooking with a video either. I like to watch the video then pull up a regular recipe for when I cook.

  • Krysti

This recipe sounds great but I can't find it in print. I don't cook well with videos and prefer to print out a recipe. I'm bummed this one doesn't have that option available.