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How to Fix Burnt Pie Crust

Uh-oh, you’ve burnt the pie crust? No fear! In this video, you’ll see three simple tricks to help disguise and fix your burnt pie top. Your guests will never know, and the pie will still be just as delicious as ever! You’ll see how to fix the problem and get tips that will ensure the crust never burns again. Don’t fret, with these simple tricks under your belt, you’ll be a Thanksgiving hero for sure.

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  • Jeeves

Burnt pie crust: Excellent cherry pie albeit with burnt crust became a "Cherry Chocolate Fizzle" by brushing powdered sugar on the crust to sweeten the dark brown collar and on the embarrassed face of the pie, and then drizzling a thin line of chocolate syrup along the edge of the crust to provide moisture to the dry, burnt offering when it's eaten (or thrown out) followed by drizzling chocolate syrup thinly, artfully on top of pie. Alternatively, try sprinkling powdered sugar after the chocolate syrup is administered. Neither the chocolate syrup nor the powdered sugar is strong enough to influence the taste of the cherry filling which survived the inferno.

  • RainbowJewels

Awesome tips. I have definitely burned some pie tops in my day. It's usually because it's just not golden enough to my liking so I pop it back in the over for "just a few minutes" and end up forgetting about it! I will be filing these tips away for the next time I do that. Thanks!

  • Cookie734

Great tips! Love the fixes and the preventions as well!