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How to Fix Burnt Sweet Potato Casserole

Did the marshmallow top of your sweet potato casserole catch fire or otherwise turn into an unsightly char-fest? It’s really no major malfunction. In fact, there’s an easy fix for this minor marshmallow mishap. This simple trick will get you out of a jam just as easy as you please. And nobody needs to know you saved the sweet potato side from almost certain death.

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  • RainbowJewels

Ha! We've all been there, right? Marshmallows are pesky little things. :)

  • Cookie734

Gotta love it! I love marshmallow topping on sweet potato casserole. I love my marshmallows "well-done" but not on a casserole!

  • Christina

Great idea! I think I would've cried, but now I will know what to do, lol.