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How to Fix Cracked Pie

A cracked cheesecake or pumpkin pie doesn’t need to put a damper on dessert. In this video, you’ll see smart tricks for concealing the cracks. Yes, with a little creativity—and some whipped cream—your guests will never know how close you came to dessert disaster. In the video, you’ll also learn why your pie cracked in the first place and get a few tips to avoid pie problems next time.

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  • Cookie734

You mean you're not supposed to have cracks? Great tips!

  • Christina

Hahaha, I LOVE the spatula trick for the pumpkin pie...I can't believe I've never thought of that!

  • RainbowJewels

Where has this video been my whole life? haha, I always end up with at least one cracked pumpkin pie. LOVE the spatula trick.