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How to Fix Dry Stuffing

Did the stuffing turn out a little dry this time? No problem. In this video, you’ll see a simple way to remoisten dry stuffing so it’s perfectly delicious with just the right texture. Your dinner guests will never know you took emergency measures. Way to save the day! In the video, you’ll also get great tips for avoiding dry stuffing next time. You’ll be a stuffing star for sure.

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  • Paula

It sounds like such a horrible dilemma but so nice to know that a little broth will save the day. Thanks for the video.

  • Christina

Yes, I have had to add broth before, and it works like a charm.

  • Tracey Ferrari Posner

I love this method as I have had to use it in the past. One thing I have learned is to have a pot of stock sitting on the back burner of my stove on low so that when ever something needs more moisture, it is right there ready to come to the rescue!