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How to Fix Lumpy Mashed Potatoes

Uh-oh, dinner’s almost on the table and the mashed potatoes are lumpy and bumpy! No problem. These easy tricks will transform your troubled taters into smooth, pillowy perfection in no time. In the video, you’ll also get smart advice to help prevent potato problems next time. Congratulations, you’ve rescued your russets!

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  • RainbowJewels

I wish I had known to make sure my cream and butter were warm when I prepared my first Thanksgiving meal. It took me a couple of years before I learned that one. It's a great tip, I never had lumpy mashed potatoes again after I figured that one out!

  • Cookie734

Great tips! Sour cream...who'd have thought??? And Yukon Gold Potatoes? Great suggestion!

  • Christina

Great tips!