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How to Fix Thin Gravy

Gravy turn out a little thin and runny? Not to worry. Thin gravy may seem like a grave concern, but it’s actually a simple fix. With these smart tricks, your gravy will be back in shape in mere minutes. In the video, you’ll also see smart tips for avoiding thin, watery gravy in the future. Nice work, you just saved dinner!

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  • Paula

Personally, I prefer using the cornstarch and water method to thicken a thin gravy, but it's nice to have choices. Very helpful video.

  • Christina

Nice option! I have used the cornstarch/water method to even Wondra flour, which does not have to mixed w/ anything beforehand, just sprinkle some in until it's the thickness that you like.

  • Tracey Ferrari Posner

I too use the cornstarch/water slurry to thicken my gravies, but it's nice to know another way if you don't happen to have any in your pantry.