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Chef John’s Empty Mayo Jar Dressing

You can never really get all the creamy mayo out of a mayonnaise jar. No matter how much you scrape, there’s always a tantalizing amount still clutching to the crevices, the crannies, the nooks, mocking you with its inaccessibility. Which got Chef John thinking. He likes to use a little bit of mayonnaise to help emulsify and add creaminess to his vinaigrettes anyway. Why not shake up a batch of vinaigrette in an “empty” mayo jar? There’s no waste! Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John's Empty Mayo Jar Dressing. It’s pure genius.

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  • Christine Paine

Last of the peanut butter - carefully "nuke" the jar. When liquified, pour & spread on yellow cake & cover with chocolate frosting. Just enough peanut butter flavor to spice up the taste!

  • Teresa

Clever,easy and delicious! Thank you.

  • Tati shipard

I love to see chef John in all his cooking video, thanks for sharing