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Five Spice Grilled Chicken

In this video, you’ll learn how to make Chef John’s version of a popular Southeast Asian grilled chicken dish. You’ll see how to make a marinade starring five-spice seasoning, along with lime juice, ginger, garlic, chile sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce, and rice vinegar. You’ll learn about the five-spice blend that Chef John recommends, and see a great trick for getting the marinade to really work its way into the chicken’s nooks and crannies. You’ll also see a quick sauce to serve on the side—a simple, bright sauce that really brings out the flavor in the grilled chicken. Get the recipe for Chef John's Five-Spice Grilled Chicken.

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  • Bigpoppa

Question? Are you not supposed to baste your chicken with the same marinade that it was marinaded in? but "separate" marinade?

  • razorhaw

And... how do I add this to my recipe box....?

  • John

I think it should be basted with the marinade..