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Chocolate Mayo Cake

This moist chocolate cake was popular during the Depression. Watch the video, then get Virginia’s top-rated recipe for Chocolate Mayo Cake. It’s a moist way to make cake!

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  • bakergirl11

to anyone who has tried this recipie can you taste the mayo?

  • ang3l7xbox

bakergirl11, I tried this recipe a few weeks ago. I did not taste the mayo. It was really good. I used less sugar and more cocoa, though. I would not worry about the is the substitute for the eggs and oil on other cakes...

  • Erin Mitchell

Is it as moist as a cake made by adding boiling water? I have several favorite recipes that are so moist because you add boiling water (I also use boiling coffee) to the dry ingredients and it gives it a delicious, moist texture. I was just wondering how this compares to that.