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Easy Steak Sandwich

It’s easy to make sub shop-style steak sandwiches at home! Tender sautéed onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, and thin slices of steak combine with melted cheese, hot sauce, and chopped pickled peppers. Mound it all up on a crusty baguette. It’s a quintessential Southern Massachusetts cheese steak. Watch the video, then get zigmondo’s 5-star recipe for Easy Steak Sandwich. Grab some extra napkins!

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  • Joyce perkins

looks wonderful I must try this ,but I use olive oil instead of butter , thanks for the recipe.

  • Chef_Willy

Looks delicious...but is the nutritional data right? Two tbsp of butter, a sandwich roll and some marbled beef should not be that high in fat and calories.

  • Jonathanjee

Looks absolutely delicious and quite easy to follow. Thanks for posting. However, can I use olive oil or sunflower oil instead of butter?