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How to Make Chocolate Macarons

In this video, you’ll see how to make little cookie sandwiches with dark-chocolate meringue that look like tiny hamburgers. You’ll see how to make your dry mixture as lump-free as possible and how to make a simple meringue. You’ll also get a great tip for folding in the dry mixture without completely deflating the meringue. Using this technique, you’ll end up with a texture that’s crisp and crackly on the outside; chewy, soft, and cake-like on the inside. You’ll also see how to make a super-simple ganache filling. Then just make little cookie sandwiches! Check out a top-rated recipe for Macarons. Chef John's techniques will work for any macaron recipe!

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  • MrsFisher0729

Chef John cracks me up! I've made macarons before and they are difficult, this seem much easier!

  • yeyie_95

can you post a link for the typed out recipe, please? :)

  • Josephinebat10

Chef John can you please give us the ingredients amounts for these delectable macaroons.