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American Flag Cake

What's more American than apple pie? An American flag cake! Cut into the cake, and each slice is decorated with an American flag! You’ll use food coloring and white frosting to create red, white, and blue layers. The simple trick is in assembling the cake. You’ll also see how to create the flag pattern on top of the cake. It’s so easy, impressive, and downright patriotic! This is the only cake for celebrating July 4th. And it’s surprisingly easy to make. Watch the video, then check out the recipe for American Flag Cake. Give it a try! You’ll get more oohs and aaahs than a fireworks display.

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  • Sam

The video has different directions than the recipe itself, and the cake crumbled everywhere. Can't believe all the great ratings because I think it's a flop

  • Debbie52722

Worked on this- it ended up in one big blob! Soo disappointed !

  • Alexia

Gonna make this for sure!