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Fondant Potatoes

In this video, you’ll see how to make fondant potatoes. It’s a technique that creates perfect textures and contrasts between the creamy potato center and the crusty edges. The key here is to use russet potatoes; it’s a texture thing. You’ll cut them into cylinders. Next you’ll brown the tops and bottoms in a hot, hot skillet before adding butter and thyme—and finish the potatoes by roasting them in chicken stock in the oven. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John’s Fondant Potatoes. Using this technique, the little potato towers come out tender and creamy on the inside with crispy edges. Perfect potatoes!

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  • dannysgirl

Where is the recipe for Chef John's fondant potatoes?

  • Wendy

Is there a way to SAVE the video to "My Recipes"?

  • MrsFowler

Hmmm...there is usually a link to the recipe in the text under the video (although someone always still asks lol). However, you can save the link to your Recipe Box - just copy the url for this page and then go to Recipe Box > Add a Link and follow the directions. Super simple. Enjoy! : )