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How to Make Chicken Cacciatore

In this video, you’ll see how to make chicken cacciatore (“hunter’s chicken stew” in Italian) the Chef John way—no hunting license required. You’ll see how to brown the chicken pieces in just a bit of olive oil and deglaze the pan with the natural juices of sautéing onions and mushrooms. Then you’ll discover the secret to Chef John’s succulent chicken cacciatore. Bake it in the oven, and you have a simple, delicious one-pot chicken dish, and an easy cleanup job ahead. Serve your chicken cacciatore with pasta, polenta, rice, even mashed potatoes. This Italian-style comfort food will become a family favorite. Get the recipe for Chicken Cacciatore.

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  • marie

I would also like to know where to find Chef John's recpe for chicken cacciatore ? If found please e-mail to

  • Jeff Popple

Any chance these video's can be captioned?

  • Bob

According to the video it is different from the recipe on the web page. On the web it calls for flour, sugar, and other ingredents not played in the video of the hunters chicken cacciatore. Which one is the one.