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How to Boil Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs make inexpensive egg-salad sandwiches and smart, simple high-protein snacks; they add protein to green salads and make delicious appetizers like deviled eggs. Did you ever wonder how long to boil an egg so it's cooked just right? In this video, you’ll see how to hard boil eggs perfectly. All it takes are three easy steps. Simply bring eggs to a boil and then cover for about 15 minutes. You’ll learn a great trick that makes peeling eggs surprisingly easy—the peel just slips right off! We’ll also show you three choice ways to chop your eggs, depending on whether you want a fine texture, perfectly uniform slices, or a rough cut. See how to make delicious deviled eggs.

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  • Melissa Goff

the trick of cracking the egg and soaking, is something I'VE never done. I'm soo going to do that from now on. I've always fussed and fussed on peeling. TY this totally helps!


I tried the soaking. It worked!

  • Nor

There really is no need to cover eggs with water when boiling. Just cover the bottom of pot with water,bring to a boil,turn off burner and time for 8 minutes. Perfection!