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Sausage and Chicken Gumbo

In this video, you’ll learn how to make a spicy sausage and chicken gumbo. Watch Chef John create a simple roux with flour and oil, cooking it slowly until it turns a nutty brown color. You’ll learn about the “trinity”—three ingredients that are essential to this dish—and about the best kind of sausage for making gumbo. You’ll see how to build either a soupy or thick gumbo—whichever you prefer. Either way, follow Chef John’s simple instructions, and you’ll end up with a nutty brown, luxurious sauce. Add okra to thicken it, if you like, and serve over cooked rice with plenty of Louisiana hot sauce on hand. See a top-rated gumbo recipe.

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  • Sandy Carlson Foulks

the gumbo chef john makes is very low key for chicken and sauage gumbo..i have lived in louisiana for 29 years and theres a lot more to this then andui and chicken....


I hate when cooks moderate food just because it might be tooo spicy for some boo

  • Cutest Pumpkin

I love that Chef John makes a simple gumbo, even if it's not traditional or true to southern cooking. Thank you for making cooking easy for my boys! They like easy recipes that can be put together tastefully! ... Also, Chef John makes me laugh and laughter with good cookin' is the best of all medicine!