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How to Make Lemon Bars

See how to make amazing sweet, tart, and velvety lemon bars. They're almost more like a custard pie in bar form than a straight-up cookie. And maybe the best thing about them? You can’t really screw them up. In the video, you’ll see how to make the two delicious layers: the shortbread layer and the yummy, custardy lemon layer. Let the pan cool completely before cutting them into bars and dusting with powdered sugar. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John's Lemon Bars. It’s an amazing combination of sweet and tart tastes and velvety and crisp textures.

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  • Mikie

You have to read thru the message , then tap on Chef's John Lemon Bars. Your recipe will come up and you just scroll down. There it is.

  • prissy65

The recipe is on the allrecipes web site, just search for lemon bars. I think the lemon bars turn out rubbery when they are over cooked and also don't over beat the liquid mixture about 30 sec is sufficient, not 2 min, sometimes over beating does something to flour, that may be why they are turning out rubbery. Hope this helps! Happy baking!!

  • Lemon Bar Lover

Why can't you put how much of what ingrediant down at the bottom like you did with the oven temperature and bake time??? Other wise, the lemon squares looked EXTREMELY delicious!!! I just wanted to stick my hand throgh the screen and grab one for myself :)