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Spicy Orange Chicken Wings

In this video, Chef John shows you how to make saucy, spicy orange chicken wings. The orange sauce is inspired by a spicy sauce at a Chinese takeout restaurant, which turns out to be just about the perfect sauce for oven-fried wings. This version calls for orange marmalade and hoison sauce, combined with rice vinegar, chile sauce, and soy sauce. These saucy baked wings are perfect for parties—quick, easy, and very little mess because they’re baked not deep-fried! Get Chef John’s recipe for Spicy Orange Chicken Wing Sauce. And check out his patented method for how to eat a chicken wing. It's pure genius!

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  • Joy

Most amazing recipe.... so easy to put together. I added some fresh garlic and some ginger. My husband was amazed by the taste and the juiciness of these wings. This recipe is a must keep!!!!


Where can I find the video of your oven fried wings?

  • rlamtjc