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Garlic Ginger Chicken Wings

Nothing beats chicken wings for game day snacks and party appetizers. Simple, easy, and inexpensive, these wings are oven-fried, not deep-fried, so clean-up is quick and painless. In this video, Chef John shows you how to make oven-fried garlicky ginger chicken wings. You’ll get a quick chicken wing anatomy lesson and see how to easily cut your chicken wings into three pieces. Find out why Chef John has you season the chicken wings directly instead of the flour and discover the best oil to use for oven-fried chicken wings. Next you’ll see how to make a tangy, sweet-and-spicy ginger and garlic sauce to coat your wings. Get Chef John’s recipe for Garlic-Ginger Chicken Wings. And check out his patented method for how to eat a chicken wing. It's pure genius!

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  • Country@heart

Loved this recipe. I substituted ingredients that I did not have. I did not use ginger, and instead of rice vinegar I used apple cider vinegar and regular vinegar. Turned out great!

  • maskuresti

ilove it so much

  • Slywlf

This sounded so yummy I backtracked the link until I found the actual recipe. It wasn't easy, since it was so old. It would help if a permanent link to a text version of the recipe could be included with each video!