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How to Grill Vegetables

Quick, easy, and healthy, vegetables are great for the grill, where they develop sweet, smoky flavors. In this video, you’ll learn which vegetables are the best for grilling, including zucchini, eggplants, asparagus, mushrooms, corn, and onions. You’ll find out how to prepare vegetables for the grill, and discover which vegetables grill best whole and which grill best cut up into pieces. You’ll see how to create attractive grill marks on your vegetables and learn how to keep veggies from sticking to the grilling grates. Plus, you’ll get a simple, all-purpose vegetable marinade recipe. There are also tips for prepping the grill and for skewering smaller veggies onto kabobs to keep them from falling into the fire. You’ll see how to cut down grilling time for certain vegetables like potatoes and learn several methods for grilling corn on the cob. Next, you want to try out your new skills on recipes for grilled vegetables.

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  • wilmepe

Very informative! Thanks!

  • Holiday Baker

I didn't think I would learn anything new, but did. I typically grill zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, and peppers. I now plan to try mushrooms and zucchini. I like the idea of pre-boiling root vegetables and then grilling them, so they get that grill flavor too. I think the corn with the butter wrapped in foil would be good too. I have only soaked corn and grilled it in the husk, which I still found to be a tad dry. This technique may be the trick.

  • Waterless Cooker

In the past, I generally put my veggies in a foil pan & heated on the grill...anxious to try the direct grilling methods shown here...also, never thought about a marinade so now I know to do that as well.