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Slow Cooker Enchiladas

In this video, you’ll see how to make delicious beef enchiladas in your slow cooker. You'll start by browning ground beef in a skillet. Combine the meat with taco seasoning, and you're ready to start building the enchiladas in the slow cooker. No filling and rolling tortillas here, simply alternate layers of seasoned beef with quartered tortillas and a mixture of prepared salsa, canned cream soup, and lots of delicious Mexican cheese. It’s so easy. You can make these with chicken, too. Watch the video, then get the 5-star recipe for Slow Cooker Enchilada. These enchiladas are a must for potlucks.

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  • lauri

How is this any faster than regular oven enchiladas? I'll probably try it for something different, but when I see "slow cooker", I want to be able to cook it while I'm at work or away for the day. 1 hour is not "slow cooker".

  • KatyT

I'm not a big fan of canned soup, but come on, it's an option, and if you're so good you can afford to complain about a short cut, you're good enough to modify it to your taste/dietary needs.

  • Diana Choi

I don't think it is fair to criticize something you've neither eaten or made but it is your right to express yourself. I have just made this for dinner this evening according to recipe except I added some onion and made my own taco seasoning. I tasted the filling and it was good and once it is cooked I suspect it will be even better once the favors meld. I will probably exclude the soup next time to see if I can change it up and think I will make a cheese sauce with a tiny can of enchilada sauce added with sautéed onion,peppers and mushrooms in lieu of the soup. I will probably add a bit of lowfat cream cheese, make the sauce with skim milk and still sprinkle a bit of grated cheese on each layer to make it stick together. I might even add some beans for texture. There are ways to make it without the soup let your imagination work for you.