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Chili Chocolate Cookies

In this video, Chef John shows you how to make chili chocolate cookies. This may be the most unusual cookie you’ll ever make. But you’ll be amazed how a little cayenne pepper really brings out the chocolate flavor in these cookies. First, you’ll combine currants with coffee liqueur. You’ll see how to use a hot water bath to gently melt your chocolate. Then you’ll mix some black pepper and cayenne pepper into the dry mix. What you get from the cayenne pepper isn’t spicy hotness, but rather an intense chocolate taste. Get the recipe for Chili Chocolate Cookies.

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  • sarinder kaur

Hi John, Where can I get the recipes of the Ingredients for Chilli Chocolate Cookies?

  • PurpleHealthyEater247

I'd like to know where the recipe is too, is it possible (usually anything is possible) lol, but with Video it is harder.. Thank YOU and Happy ThanksGiving!

  • carolyn