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Homemade Dog Food

In this video, you’ll see how to make homemade dog food. This recipe is a combination of ground turkey, brown rice, and vegetables. Serve this healthy homemade dog food straight up or add a little to your dog’s kibble. Either way, tails will wag! Watch the video, then get redgirl’s 5-star recipe for Homemade Dog Food.

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  • Tanya

I own a very lively athletic jack russell and have been cooking for her for 3 years. She is now 4 years old. She eats 3 times a day. Raw chicken neck for breakfast. My turkey casserole for lunch. A combination of casserole, commercial kibble and some table scraps in the evening. She also gets raw bones, treats and "denta sticks". When I bought her, I did a bit of reading and decided that turkey, brown rice and vegies was the safest combination. I have read that broccoli is not good for dogs. I also wonder why the need for rosemary - does the dog appreciate it? Does it have "herbal remedy" connotations?

  • SweetCravings

I think this is great. I am all for feeding our furry companions a nutritional home cooked or homemade meal. I feed my dog strictly RAW and have notice quite a few improvements in his overall health. And I think giving them a home cooked meal would be a close second. Just make sure that you are providing a well balanced diet with lots of variety, switching between different types of meats as well as fruits and vegetables. I would also recommend giving your dog a raw meaty bone once and a while. It is an excellent source of calcium, and good workout for their jaw and neck muscles as well as a natural tooth cleaner. Just make sure you are providing a RAW bone and not a cooked one as it does splinter and could be very harmful. If you are feeding broccoli do it in very limited quantities as it gives them gas. For anyone who wishes to switch from kibble to's well worth the effort!

  • brenda z

Love the information