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How to Make Turkey Gravy

This Thanksgiving, let Chef John give you a hand in the kitchen. In this video, he’l share a few tips for getting the best roast turkey gravy ever. You’l see how to create a roux, and then add turkey juices and turkey stock. Chef John also shares a secret ingredient that balances out flavors in the gravy and reveals the correct time to add the salt. Watch the video, then get Chef John's recipe for turkey and gravy. Give this simple technique a try at your next Thanksgiving dinner. Now watch Chef John cook his Thanksgiving turkey >>

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  • Jan Reither

I have made this every year for the last 2 years either for my daughter's house or mine it turns out excellent. Thanks Chef

  • nene22

Use a whisk to stir the gravy.

  • nene22

I have found that a whisk helps make lump free gravy. Every cook should have a couple different sizes.