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How to Make Jalapeno Jelly

In this video, you’ll see how to make sweet, spicy jalapeno jelly using red and green peppers. Chopped jalapeno peppers and red bell peppers combine with sugar and apple cider vinegar to create a delicious jelly that’s sweet, spicy, and tangy. Amazing served as a relish with holiday roasts, it’s also delicious as an appetizer topping crackers spread with cream cheese. It makes a colorful Christmas food gift, too. Watch the video, then get the 5-star recipe for Red and Green Christmas Jalapeno Jelly.

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  • Rocky

This video for pepper jelly isn't safe if t isn't processed. You need to tell people to keep it in the refrigerator, freeze it, or process it ten minutes in a water bath.

  • Darla Kay McIntosh

after prcessing if the jars are sterilized, isnt it safe to keep on shelf until use? I've made this last year and it was good with just jalepenos

  • Pearlies Girl

I should think this would be fine on the shelf if everything was well sterilized. The ingredients are all items that you ordinarily don't refrigerate except for the peppers. Sugar and vinegar are themselves preservatives, like salt.