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How to Frost Cupcakes

A cupcake that’s dressed up with frosting goes from basic to highly-styled dessert. In this video, you’ll learn three easy techniques for icing cupcakes—spreading, piping, and dipping. We’ll show you simple ways to make dabs, swirls, and wavy designs. You’ll also learn the piping method, the best method for icing a lot of cupcakes. Learn a great trick for scooping frosting into the pastry bag and see how to pipe frosting evenly and smoothly, finishing with a swirling flourish. Finally, there’s the dipping method, which involves dipping and twisting cupcakes into a warm, shiny chocolate glaze or ganache. You’ll also get ideas for decorating cupcakes with sprinkles, candies, and other fun toppings. See top-rated frosting recipes.

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  • Flynn

Is this narrator also the voice in the Patricia Cornwell Audi books?

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luv it

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The piping on this video is lovely! I've got to have that star tip! Please direct me to where I can purchase it; I would greatly appreciate! Thanx