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How to Make Turkey Cocktail Meatballs

Lean turkey gets jazzed up with a sweet and spicy sauce. In this video, Chef John shows you how to make turkey cocktail meatballs with orange cranberry glaze. It’s a healthy variation on the classic beef meatball appetizer, perfect for entertaining at the holidays. You’ll learn why it’s important to let the turkey mixture sit in the fridge to set a bit, and you’ll see a great tool for making small, uniform-size balls. Discover a simple way to quickly turn the meatballs as you brown them on all sides. Get Chef John’s recipe for Turkey Cocktail Meatballs. The cranberry sauce is the perfect counterpart—spicy and sweet—and the red and green peppers give the sauce a festive holiday look.

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  • m5sok

ribbed for your pleasure....turkey's related to That's why I love watching recipe videos. :D

  • kathrynmd

Chef John thanks for the recipe and the laugh!! You are one funny guy!!!

  • coco12

Oh my goodness this chef is funny!!!!! I never thought you'd hear a chef ask the question,and then be honest about it.when he asks "are turkey meatballs better tasting then beef? and he says no, but hey, their are lower in I like this chef