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How to Make Rockin' Salsa

In this video, you’ll see how to preserve your own homemade salsa. What a tasty way to turn summer’s fresh bounty into something you can enjoy year-round! Chopped onions, tomatoes, and hot peppers combine with vinegar, tomato paste, and seasonings. In the video, you’ll also see how to process the jars for safe storage. Watch the video, then get Tami’s 5-star recipe for Rockin' Salsa. Use your fresh homemade salsa to top all your favorite Mexican foods—or simply break open a bag of tortilla chips and dig in.

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  • gayla

An easy way to peel a lot of tomatoes is to make an X cut lightly, just through the skin on each. Then dunk in boiling water for 10-30 seconds. Then immediately place in an ice bath. The skins come right off and it is so easy and doesn't waste any of the flesh.

  • Karla Cooks

I agree acdoyle. It doesn't sound very appetizing. Check the lids to be sure they've sealed properly. If you can press down on the lid, it hasn't.