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Chocolate Cream Pie I

In this video, you’ll see how to make a delicious no-bake chocolate cream pie from scratch. And it’s so easy! Egg yolks and flour help thicken the chocolate custard on your stovetop, and when all the ingredients are smooth and creamy, just pour into a prebaked pie shell, chill, and serve. All your chocoholic friends will thank you. Get the recipe for Debbie Cavitt’s Chocolate Cream Pie I.

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  • jennel802011

You could take the egg whites and make meringue and make it a chocolate meringue pie. That way nothing goes to waste.

  • tina2

Better idea, just use "a box od instant rich chocolate pudding and use 1/1 and 1/2 instead of regular milk in pudding mix. Believe me, there is "nodifference". I've done both ways. I also shredd the dark chocolate on top and drizzle with "good thick chocolate sauce.(o a carmel) whatever you like.

  • qtrmoon

my mom would make 15-20 pies and about 10 cakes every year at ThanksGiving and Christmas .She always bought her cake mixes because making them from scratch ,they always seemed a little dry to her. !0 kids, we didn't care as long as it had sugar. But the pies the whole pies were made from scratch and she would always use the powdered Hersheys' Chocolate ,so how would the conversion go from chocolate pieces to chocolate powder?