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How to Make Kale Salad

In this video, you’ll see how to make a healthy raw kale salad that is actually delicious! Honestly. How do you turn a bitter green into something truly tasty? The key is to add something sweet and crunchy to the mix. Then dress it up with a tangy-sweet dressing. Chef John adds crisp sweet apple slices, persimmon, and crunchy chopped nuts. You can also top this kale salad with beautiful orange supremes. In the video, you’ll also see a great way to quickly remove the leafy greens from the tough stem. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John's Raw Kale Salad. If you’re trying to get more healthy greens into your diet—and do it in a delicious way—then this raw kale salad is the recipe you want.

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  • Hiromi

I got some kale yesterday ! This recipe is wonderful ! I love it :-)

  • grace

cindiloowho ~ I found it after typing chef johns raw kale salad in search bar. There I found a video click on for it.

  • Cindiloowho

Salad looks good..but where do i find the recipe or at least be able to save it?