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How to Make Italian Meatballs

In this video, you’ll learn how to make simple Italian meatballs using both ground pork and beef. Find out why a few cloves of crushed garlic are NOT optional ingredients in this recipe! You’ll see how to avoid over mixing your meatballs and discover the benefit of chilling your meat mixture first before forming balls. Bake your meatballs until browned and then add to your favorite tomato sauce and simmer. Be sure to make some extras for meatball sandwiches! You’ll also learn Chef John’s rule of thumb for determining how much salt to add to ground meat recipes and see what size of meatball is officially sanctioned by Chef John. Get the recipe for Italian Meatballs.

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  • Rita

I have to try this. Looks scrunptious

  • yummylover

lol go cook something else if you don't use garlic lol

  • seth

These are really good! Though my wife suggests browning them. She is Italian, so what can I say?